Best 12 Towns to Visit Around Lake Garda, Italy

Best Towns in Lake Garda, Italy Travel Passionate

Riva del Garda. Riva del Garda. Riva del Garda is a charming little town known for its strong winds due to it resting at the end of Lake Garda. Because of this heavy wind, it's a popular spot for windsurfing. Riva del Garda is also home to many beautiful sights, like the Torre Apponale, a 13th-century clock tower.

Lake Garda and its surrounding

More Helpful Lake Garda Info for You. Lake Garda Towns and Villages: Best Towns , Desenzano del Garda , Riva del Garda , Malcesine , Torri del Benaco , Punta di San Vigilio , Campo di Brenzone , Borghetto and Valeggio sul Mincio. Lake Garda Hiking: Tibetan Bridge , Rocca di Garda , Park of the Waterfalls.

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8 of the Prettiest Lake Garda Towns You Must Visit! 1. Sirmione. Sirmione sits on the tip of the peninsula that juts out from the bottom of the lake and is one of the most popular Lake Garda towns (especially for first time visitors). Thanks to its sandy beaches (Jamaica Beach and Spiaggia Lido Delle Bionde are particular favourites), as well.

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Best Places to Visit in Lake Garda Where to Go and What to See

Riva del Garda. This colorful place, is one of the best towns in Lake Garda to visit. Discover the vibrant promenade, charming shops, and lively Thursday market in Riva del Garda, a bustling town that stole my mom's heart on Lake Garda.

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Beautiful Bardolino is a small town on Lake Garda's eastern shore, best known for its wine production: particularly, the local varietal that shares the town's name. Boasting a lively and colorful marina, a charming medieval center, and several museums, Bardolino is the perfect stop to relax and enjoy peaceful strolls along the lake..

Best Towns in Lake Garda, Italy Travel Passionate

I recently shared a post on the best towns on Lake Como. In this post, you will get tips best towns on Lake Garda towns to check out some of the best lake towns Italian holidaymakers disappear to. Just like Lake Como, Lake Garda is in Northern Italy and well known for its beautifully pristine crystal clear waters. Stunning Lake Garda towns surrounded by mountains which offer amazing views of.

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Olive oil from Lake Garda is a unique light oil of extremely high quality. It is produced all around the lake by small family enterprises and you can visit the farm and oil mill near Desenzano at Frantoio Montecroce. Make sure to get appointments in advance. We went wine tasting and walked through the winery at Ca Maiol.

Best Towns in Lake Garda, Italy Travel Passionate

Lake Garda, with its 150 km (93 miles) of coastline, is dotted with charming towns and small villages, and all have something to offer: places of historical interest, sailing clubs, vineyards and olive groves, dream beaches, and mountains to climb.. If you really want to enjoy your trip - and don't want to get lost - here is a list of Lake Garda's best places to visit according to.

Best 12 Towns to Visit Around Lake Garda, Italy

05. Desenzano del Garda. Desenzano panorama from the castle. Desenzano del Garda is a cute small town, just a short ferry ride (approx. 20 minutes) away from Sirmione. Less busy and considerably cheaper, it can be a very good alternative as a base from where you can visit other Lake Garda towns.

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1. Sirmione. Located on the South shore of Lake Garda, Sirmione is probably the most popular tourist destination on the lake. It should stand high on every list of best things to do in Lake Garda! Sirmione is a beautiful old town located at the end of a small peninsula that towers about 4 km into Lake Garda.

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Given the more than 150 km (93 miles) of coastline, divided into three different provinces (Brescia, Verona, and Trento), there are many beautiful cities on Lake Garda and all have something to offer: castles, Roman villas, vineyards, olive groves, medieval villages, hiking trails and mountain biking, sailing clubs…. If you really want to enjoy your trip, here is a list of Lake Garda's.

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Morning Option #3: Visit Limone Sul Garda. This lovely town is a 15 to 20-minute drive from Riva del Garda. If you visit Limone from Riva, it saves you a very long drive from Sirmione to get here (if you also plan to visit Sirmione while at Lake Garda). Midday and afternoon: Explore Riva del Garda.

Best towns in Lake Garda, Italy Lake garda italy, Garda italy, Lake garda

Sirmione. Sirmione is the most popular sight on Lake Garda. This small town, with its medieval city center and stunning castle, is perched on the tip of a long, narrow peninsula. Exploring the town, visiting the castle, going to the spa, and cruising around the peninsula by boat top the must-do list for Sirmione.

Best Towns in Lake Garda, Italy Travel Passionate

Tremosine Sul Garda consists of 18 villages that fall vertically on the west shore of Lake Garda. It was officially named one of the most beautiful villages in Italy in the year 2009. Tremosine is a real paradise for passionate hikers and mountain bikers, with its position high above the lake. Windy Lake Garda towns.

Best 12 Towns to Visit Around Lake Garda, Italy

Best towns on Lake Garda. Lake Garda has dozens of tiny towns dotting the coastline, but we don't have all the time in the world! So here are the top 10 towns I would definitely recommend you check out during your trip to Lake Garda, as they are the best examples of small Italian villages that'll make you swoon.

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