Top 10 Best Strange but Addictive Odors and Smells Favorite Odd Odor Simply Put Scents

It's weird but when a guy smells good it makes them a little bit more attractive. I don't know

a stale or moldy smell People are often unable to identify the specific smell, or it may be a smell that they have never encountered before. Phantosmia can feel distressing and may get in the.

Top 10 Best Strange but Addictive Odors and Smells Favorite Odd Odor Simply Put Scents

Dr Hayes said humans perceived scent via olfactory receptor neurons (ORNs), located in the nasal cavity, but ORNs could change in effectiveness according to a person's age, health or environment. "If anything disturbs how those ORNs sense odours, then you will have changes in your perception of smell," he said.

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The smell of chlorine is a weird thing to enjoy. Chlorine can be incredibly toxic to humans; breathing it in large doses can lead to pulmonary edema.Its chemical properties are so strong that it.

5 Sources of Strange Smells

If you're wondering why your butt might stink, it could be due to poor wiping, which leaves behind residue and contributes to lingering odors. For these issues, you can rely on a warm water bidet to make a vast improvement on your swampy stank. Be forewarned, though: poop smell is pervasive.

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Stranger Things / Netflix Chlorine is the unofficial smell of Australian summer and I, for one, am very happy with that. 5. Nail polish Legally Blonde / MGM This is definitely a weird smell.

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For instance, some folks are fond of classical music, whereas others are at their happiest when they listen to the Top 40; some of us are great at math, while others have struggled with comprehending educational material for their entire lives.

It's weird but when a guy smells good it makes them a little bit more attractive. I don't know

Parosmia can make things that smell nice (like a fresh cup of coffee) smell not so nice (like garbage). A temporary loss of smell, or anosmia, due to COVID-19 has received a lot of attention as.

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Freshly-baked bread has won by a nose - in a poll to find Britain's top 50 favourite smells. The irresistible aroma beat bacon, newly-mown grass and coffee to the title, in a survey of 2,000 UK.

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Jacob Shelton Updated June 23, 2023 200.5K votes 10.7K voters 72.6K views Over 10.7K Ranker voters have come together to rank this list of 40+ Bad Smells That You Secretly Enjoy Voting Rules Vote up the nasty scents you can't help but enjoy smelling. Admit it, there are some bad smells you kind of like.

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While wet on the skin the metallic smell is still there but mixed with green smells like earth, moss, and citrus. The dry down is floral, woodsy, and amber. It's an acquired taste for sure and probably smells different to everyone, but it's exactly fitting for a perfume called "Against Nature". NFNV301 • 4 mo. ago.

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According to Dr. Ronald DeVere of the American Academy of Neurology, olfactory hallucinations most often occur with unpleasant odors, so it makes sense that your mind would pick this smell to.

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In the May 2021 study, researchers found that people experiencing a weird smell after having COVID-19 were most likely to describe it in the following ways: sewage: 54.5 percent. rotten meat: 18.7.

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1/ Wet ground and moisture after a storm Don't you love the smell that comes after a thunderstorm has drenched a tarmac road? 2/ Modeling clay A permanent childhood memory. 3/ Petrol Lots of people seem to like the smell of petrol when they pass by the petrol station… strange, but no judgement! 4/ Freshly ground coffee

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Scientists have found that smell is the sense that's most tied into memory, and this makes one contemplate the possibility that a person's favorite smell is tied into a favorite memory. Whether it's your mother cooking breakfast on a Sunday morning, or the memory of a beach vacation with an ex-lover, these sense memories are waiting in your subconscious to be awakened with one sniff of a.

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August 25 | 2022 Shutterstock There are certain smells that are just universally loved -- coffee in the morning, flowers and freshly baked bread, to name a few. Then there are those smells we love just as much, but we don't really know why. If you've ever intentionally taken a big whiff of puppy breath, you know what we mean.

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In rare cases, a fishy smell can indicate a more serious condition. 7. Rotten like a decaying organism. A rotten odor that makes your nose wince and your face contort is not the norm. If the smell.

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