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2022 war in Ukraine set of postcard Mriya AN225, Good evening! Russian warship Europe

ХОРОШО, благо, хороший, добро, добрый evening noun, adjective вечер, вечерний, вечеринка, закат жизни See Also in Russian добрый adjective dobryy kind, good, kindly, nice, gentle вечер noun vecher evening, night, soiree, eve, even Nearby Translations good enough good ending good eats good eating good dream good dog good example good excuse

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Saying 'Good Evening' in Russian. In Russian, you can say Добрый вечер (dobryy vecher) to greet someone in the evening. This phrase is a formal and polite way to say 'good evening' and is used from around 6:00 pm onwards. It is commonly used in various social situations, both formal and informal.

2022 war in Ukraine set of postcard Mriya AN225, Good evening! Russian warship Europe

How to say "Good evening!" in Russian and 18 more useful words. American English Good evening! Russian Добрый вечер! More Meet & Greet Vocabulary in Russian American English Russian Good morning! Доброе утро! Good afternoon! Добрый день! Good night! Доброй ночи! Fine, thank you. Хорошо, спасибо. And you? А у вас? Me too. Я тоже. You're welcome!

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To quickly answer the question of how to say "good evening" in Russian, here's the translation: "Добрый вечер" pronounced like "Dobryy vecher". Yes, you are right, it is easier to translate "good evening" to Russian than to actually pronounce it. Now that you know the expression, you need to learn the appropriate way of using it.

Scarlet Sails 2019 in St Petersburg Anna Gaplichnaya

Residence » Russian Vocabulary » Good Evening in Russian: 6 Phrases, 2 Songs and 53 Vocab Phrases Once I was a bit of child, I used to look at a night Russian tv present for youths. Each episode ended with a Russian tune wishing all the children (and their toys) a great night time. Over […]

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Here is the translation, pronunciation and the Russian word for Good evening: Добрый вечер. [Dobryy vecher] Good evening in all languages.

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Idioms and set expressions: под ве́чер = towards evening. к ве́черу = towards evening. по вечера́м = in the evenings. студе́нческий ве́чер = student night. музыка́льный ве́чер = musicale. с у́тра до ве́чера = all day long. literal from morning to evening. Related words:

[2] Добрый вечер!좋은 저녁입니다Good eveningRussian [러시아어 발음/단어/표현/문법 학습] YouTube

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Pree-YAT-nih sno-vih-DZYEHN-yih. I'll say it again, even slower. Pree-YAT-nih sno-vih-DZYEHN-yih. Now I'll say it at conversational speed. приятныx сновиденией. Give it a try. Fantastic. ADVERTISEMENT. Thanks for watching! So, those are some of the ways in which to say, "Good evening," in Russian.

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Good morning/good night A word like "hello" is very useful. But it's good to know what greetings we can use during the day, afternoon, evening,. specially if we work in a place such as a restaurant or a hotel where there are Russian clients: 00:00 До́брое у́тро. dó-bra-ye ú-tra Good morning. 00:00 До́брый день.

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Добрый вечер (Dobryy vecher): Good evening спокойной ночи (Spokoynoy nochi): Good night

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You can not only listen to online audio recordings of Russian trendy phrases and words, but look at how these words are articulated by watching a video and learning the translation of the word! Ultimately, to make the images of the words sink into your head, this Internet page has a pronunciation instructions in English letters.

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What is the translation of "good evening" in Russian? en. volume_up. good evening = ru. volume_up. добрый вечер. Translations Translator Phrasebook open_in_new. EN.

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1. Hello (formal) — Здравствуйте 2. Hello (informal) — Здравствуй 3. Hello (informal, shortened) — Здрасьте 4. Hello (on the phone) — Aлло 5. Hi — Привет 6. Hiya, howdy — Приветик 7. Greetings — Приветствую 8. Hi — хай , Хаюшки 9. Hey — Эй , Yo — Йо 10. Hey, yo — Здорово 11. Good morning — Доброе утро 12. Good day — Добрый день 13.

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good evening in Russian - Cambridge Dictionary Translation of good evening - English-Russian dictionary good evening exclamation uk us Add to word list A1 something you say to greet someone in the evening добрый вечер! (Translation of good evening from the Cambridge English-Russian Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)

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